Watching Her Fly

One of the hardest parts of being a parent for me is watching my kids grow up.  I love being a mom and especially enjoyed mothering babies.  Letting go is hard and I miss being able to scoop them up into my arms and nuzzle them.  But watching them grow into adults has brought a new kind of joy to my heart.  If you read my blog, you know I adore my kids and have no problem sharing that.  I imagine sometimes it comes off as bragging, however, I am wanting to document how special and wonderful they are to me in that snap shot of time.  While their little league trophies or honors awards are nothing major in the grand scheme of life, to me and to them in that moment it is epic. :)
 Part of growing up means less mom can share on the blog.  As they mature they want more and more privacy and less and less time with mom and dad.  While it is no longer okay to share the trials and tribulations of growing up, I did get permission to share some of the good parts of growing up.  Middle school is rough no matter how awesome you are.  Add four of your five friends moving away over the summer and it is rough with a big dose of rotten.  But Hailey is very grounded and has so much going for her that I have been in awe watching her navigate all her grown up responsibilities and curve balls life can throw.  My little baby has become a smart, hard working, talented, and capable woman.  All of her doors are open.  She is beginning to sketch lines into her adult canvas that will progress from blank to a masterpiece.
 Since we moved to Arizona we have been trying to get Hailey in the appropriate level classes to keep her challenged.  Last year she had less homework than Karlie because she was able to do most of it in class.  The principal agreed that Hailey had slipped through the cracks and needed more.  She said she would look at her standardized test and be sure she was in the appropriate math class for 8th grade.  Hailey did so well she skipped all of 8th grade math and was placed in high school algebra.  Her schedule also consists of honors english and high school Spanish.  I was a little worried it would be too much.  But she is rising to the challenge and is like a sponge that loves soaking up knowledge.    She finds comfort in doing math problems and can roll her r's like she was born in Mexico (certainly did not get that from me!).  I just look at her in wonder and think, she's mine. :)
But Hailey's gifts don't stop at her brains, she happens to be a very talented artist and as beautiful outside and she is inside.  When she is not studying she is working on her drawings.  Everyone at school knows her as the artist and the art teacher asked Hailey to help paint murals on the school walls.
She has a gallery in her room and some of her pieces are quite moving.  She is not only good at drawing, she can evoke emotions.  Being able to replicate something is one thing but being able to create an image on your own that effects people is truly art.  This one breaks my heart.  I don't ever want my babies to be hurting, even in a drawing.
Hailey's two passions are art and horses.  She has always wanted a horse from the time she could talk and has a special gift with animals.  She has taken riding lessons since she was 7, but only once a week.  Hailey would love nothing more than to start and end her day caring for a horse.  I have been praying for something near us to work out where she could get in more horse time.  New neighbors moved in down the street and brought their horses!  We have managed to make friends with them and Hailey now gets to see the horses whenever she wants thanks to their generousness.  Last week as we came home from running the littles around, she was riding Sunny along our street.  It thought my heart might explode with joy.

 Dreams come true and Hailey has become a more wonderful person from inside out than I could have dreamed.  We are so proud of her work ethic and her passions are just beginning to bare fruit.  While I would do anything to hold you one more time as my little 5 pound newborn, watching you spread your wings and fly is a wondrous feeling.  I am lucky to be your mom and can't wait to see what your future holds and just how high you can fly.


Anonymous said...

She is a treasure to be sure!!!!

Courtney said...

Wow, you just brought me to tears! Such a special young lady with a BIG time future. Love that girl!