While The Big Cat Is Away, The Little Mice Will Play

Last weekend Max was in California to teach at Stanford.  While he was gone I painted the work out room and got it all put back together.  Projects always seem to take longer than we anticipate and after weeks of the room in chaos, it was fun to have him come home to it all set up.
 However, since I was MIA on Saturday painting, the kids had to hang around and not have much fun.  I promised them Sunday would be more fun and they could each pick something to do with me.
Karlie has been wanting to make clay and sculpt.  So first thing Sunday morning we made green clay.
Kaitlin had a science project due the next week and she wanted to start painting the layers of the earth.  She did a great job!
Hank wanted to build a massive Batman layer.  A little help from Kaitlin and Thomas the train and we had a great underground network.
Hailey wanted to draw, alone.  It wouldn't be art if I was involved.  :) She drew an awesome zebra picture and got some much needed teen alone time after helping watch the little ones all day on Saturday.
Karlie earned a snow cone maker with her jewels and extra chores around the house.  For the afternoon, we invited their friends over for a pool party with snow cones!
Sweet treats for sweet kids!
Hailey was mini me and kept me company while the little ones romped in the pool.
While the little mice had a Sunday Funday, it just wasn't the same without the Big Cat and we are all happy he is home.

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