Woods Canyon Lake

For our last weekend before school starts we headed to the mountains for some cool mountain air.
It is hard to believe that only an hour and half away from us are beautiful mountain forests.  There were cool pines, whispering aspen, and even Elk in our campground.  We took two cars this time, which allowed us to bring plenty of wood and all the comforts we would need for a great base camp.  Our pathetic desert dog was shivering in the 70 degree weather.
 Karlie was eager to learn how to be chief camp cook.  She helped make all the meals and did a fantastic job.
Hailey convinced her buddy Jess to come along for the adventure.  The girls had a good time giggling in their own tent and hopefully we haven't scared Jess from future camping trips.
We headed out to Knoll Lake one morning, but our GPS has a way of taking us on off road "short cuts" and we ended up on a serious 4 wheel trail.  Max was in heaven and the kids were having a blast in the back of the truck.  Only mama bear was worried.  But I should have never doubted the Chevy or my man.  I just love Max's truck.  It can take us anywhere!  Like a rock!
 We had to hike down a steep embankment but ended up on a beautiful beach all by ourselves.

A thundering storm with black clouds was threatening us the entire time.  While we were eating lunch a rainbow trout decided to have a bite too!  Hailey reeled him in.
She wanted to recreate her fish kiss picture.  Ugh, my heart is hurting.
As it started to sprinkle we figured we had better get going since we had such a technical drive back ahead of us.  I can't wait to spend the day at the lake when the weather cooperates.
 The girls wanted to ride in the back even when it started pouring.  They were all crouched together to stay warm and would not come in despite my pleading. Kids!
Back at camp, Karlie helped Max clean the fish and grill him up.  Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads...
Unfortunately the rain continued for the afternoon so we were stuck in the tent.  The kids played war and Life with hot coco that Max made them.  He used the down pour as a chance to smoke his stogies. :)  It was great to snuggle up in the cold and spend so much time unplugged.
 The rain lifted for a few hours, giving us time to make dinner and have S'mores.  Hailey and Jess created the S'mores nachos.  Yummy!
Shortly after S'mores the rain came back and with a vengeance.  It rained all night and we discovered that our tent is no longer waterproof.  It was a long and cold night.  Packing up in the pouring rain the next morning was a real bummer.
   We learned while 4 wheeling we can camp anywhere up to 300 feet away from the off road trail.  Next time we will be ditching the campground and finding our own site.  Hailey called our campground "an outdoor neighborhood."  Unfortunately this time it was full of generators, families cussing each other out, and loud diesel trucks starting up at 5 am.
We are looking forward to next summer when we can give camping another go.  Each time we learn a little more about the area and what we need to improve out camp experience... like a waterproof tent and good rain jackets for everyone!