Hurricane Hank

On Saturday Hank had his first flag football game!  Hank loves sports.  If there is a ball in a 200 foot radius he is bouncing, kicking or throwing it.  He couldn't wait to start football.  Hank was excited that his team chose his idea of Red Birds as the their team name.  
His best friend Nick has been reluctant to play sports much to his parents dismay.  However, Hank encouraged Nick to join the team with him.  The boys talked all about the great plays they were going to make.  Nick's parents were afraid the big day would come and he would not take the field.  But he was ready to run!  Nick made the first touchdown for the team!  He also was awarded this weeks character counts medal for listening.  It couldn't have been a better introduction to team sports!
We are very close with Nick's family.  Nick's big sister Brynn made signs for the boys!  I think Hank thought he was an NFL player. :)  His whole family cheered him on as if he was part of the family.  I know Max was bummed to miss the first game but grateful he had such a cheering section.  It was so cute to see the boys playing ball.  Hank was quite the defensive player pulling flags.  The ref had to tell him, "No tackling buddy."  While it was grand to see my little guy playing ball, the best part was seeing Dave's (Nick's Dad) complete joy as he watched Nick tear it up on the field.  He could have floated out of the field.  Dave took to calling Hank, Hurricane Hank.  These two boys of fall are ready to roll and I think their Dad's are even more ready!

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U-Dave said...

Yep, brought back Scotts FB in High School, he started late as a freshman, he was a starting O&D Varsity lineman for three years. Great fun and learning life skills. Miss those days and Friday nights!