Lion Heart

Kaitlin has the heart of a lion.  She loves fiercely and deeply.  Her love is so strong it can crash over her like huge waves.  All of the kids deal with Max traveling differently, but it is undoubtedly the hardest on Kaitlin.  She loves her Daddy.  Most mornings she is up first and has breakfast with Max.  He will make her braised eggs and she will often help pack his lunch.  They chatter back and forth while I pack the kids lunches. 
Max was leaving very early in the morning, so he was saying his goodbyes at bedtime.  I went to tuck Kaitlin in before Max had made his rounds.  Her pillow was soaked with tears as she tried to conceal her emotions.  As soon as I gave her a hug, the flood gates opened and the cries began to pour out of her.  Max came to tuck her in and held her and rubbed her head trying to soother her.  She would not be so easily soothed.  With only the full honesty and rawness of a child she told him through broken sobs how unhappy it made her when he leaves, how much she will miss him in the morning, and how worried she will be while he is gone.  I had to smile, because I too have all those same thoughts, but years of growing up have taught me to try and keep them to myself.  I will cherish the sight of him rocking her as her heart overflowed with love so strong to nearly bring him to tears.  She has the heart of a lion and we are all lucky to feel it roar around us.

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Courtney said...

Oh my! What a sweet girl! Love her!