Pink Boy

Hank has grown up so much this year.  He has Mrs. H, who Kaitlin had for both Kindergarten and first grade.  She is a terrific teacher and we were so excited Hank got her.  I warned her at the beginning of the year that Hank and Kaitlin are very different children.  Mrs. H adored Kaitlin and cried when she said goodbye to her.  Kaitlin is always a teacher's favorite with her eagerness to please, helpfulness, and hard working attitude.  I cautioned Mrs. H that Hank could be a handful and he was ALL boy.  Sitting down and focusing isn't his strong suit.  I worked with him all summer in his workbook and shuddered at the thought of trying to keep his attention all day.
His class has a behavior system where everyone starts on green each day.  The teacher will have the kids clip up when they are showing exemplary behavior and clip down when they are not behaving well.  The worst being getting on red.  That is a call home.  Then orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink being exceptional.  I think Hank earned pink twice all last year.  Last year his teacher colored in the behavior for the day while as big first graders, they are responsible for coloring in their own behavior.  To my surprise Hank was coming home everyday with blue, purple and pink!  I would grill him about what he did to clip up.  He would say, "sitting with my hands in my lap", or "bubbles in my mouth".  One time he reported that he held the door open for Mrs. Hawkins.  We celebrated and continued the tradition from last year that any Pink day was automatic dessert, even if you didn't eat all your vegetables at dinner.  He was so proud of himself he wrote a sticky note for Dad to see he was on purple. :)
Well, Hank continued to come home and announce that he was Pink Boy yet again.  After nearly a month of pink and purple reports, I began to wonder if Hank was rounding up as he colored in his behavior.  It is all on the honesty system and I am not sure how often Mrs. H checks to see if they are recording the accurate color.  I decided to email her and check.  I told her I would be thrilled if Hank really was getting on Pink every day, but something makes me think that might be a stretch.  When I saw her in the hall she said, "The boy you described and the boy I see are very different children.  He is perfectly behaved and is always raising his hand, has his hands in his lap, ready to learn, and picking up trash.  He is a wonderful little boy and I just love him!"  I said, "Umm, we are talking about Hank, right!?"  So while he might be a rowdy little guy at home, he is a prince at school.  :)  What more can you ask for?  I no longer doubt him when he exclaims, "Pink Boy!"  I am so proud of my little man, although this dessert every night is becoming problematic for our waistlines! 

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