Playing Like Pirates

 The only thing better than owning your own boat, is having great friends that own a boat!  :)  Our friends recently got a new speed boat and invited us out for a weekend of playing like pirates!
The kids are water babies and took to the lake like fish.
Saguaro Lake has to be one of the most beautiful lakes in America with giant, rocky cliffs and saguaros dotting the landscape.  Thanks to our 100 degree temperatures, the water is like bath water.  It is only 20 minutes from our house.  Close enough to make Max start looking at boats on Craigslist.
 While we anchored to swim and cool off, a Bald Eagle dove in and grabbed a fish out of the water about 100 feet away from us!  It was surreal.  We all started chanting, "America!!!"
 It was so fun to see the kids laughing their heads off as they were tubing (big kid too).  Hank and Karlie kept wanting to go faster and faster.  They wanted to go faster than the Captain was willing to go.  I don't think they realize how much it would hurt to hit the water at 30 mph.
 The kids each got a chance to try water skiing too and found out it was harder than it looks.  Karlie stayed up for the longest.  Hailey liked wake surfing better.  By the second day, she was getting pretty good at it.
Max and I also tried wake surfing for the first time!  Our friends' boat is pretty fancy and has an impressive sound system with speakers off the back.  Being so close behind the boat you can have your favorite play list rocking and chat with everyone.  It is much more gentle than water skiing.  Our friends are so good they can just ride the wave without having to hold the rope.  The boat creates an endless wave and you ride until you get tired.  Everyone but me was goofy foot, so I had to ride backwards, which was a little awkward, but I managed to stay up!  We had an amazing time on the water and are so grateful to our friends for taking us out.  Hopefully it doesn't lead to a new toy for Max. :)

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