Spirit Night!

Last night the kids' school had Spirit Night.  Karlie is on student council this year so she had to be at school 45 minutes before school to prep and then stayed after school to set up.   We stayed the entire time until 8:30 pm.  Poor Karlie had been on school grounds for nearly 13 hours by the time we left.
Hailey worked the face painting station and gave Karlie a very cool Spidey face.  The kids ran around high on snow cones, pizza, and candy!  They jumped, ran obstacle courses, slid, and spun.  It is such a nice community event where all the families get together and the kids run wild.  A new charter school opened this year near us and the school lost quite a few kids to it.  Last night we saw many families that had moved to the new school.  They all commented how much they miss the family feel and warmth of our school.  After 3 years we finally know more people than we don't and feel a part of the school.  It was a fun night watching the kids with all their friends.  When we got home I sent them all to the showers because they were a sweaty, sticky mess.  They were so tired they all slept till 7am, practically a miracle!

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