For the first half of the kids' fall break we headed for the hills to find some relief from the heat.  Fall is the hardest season for us living in the desert.  There really is no fall.  We so miss the brisk, cool air and the turning leaves.  Luckily, 2 hours away, we can get our fall fix.
We found a lovely cabin to rent that sat on 5 acres and backed up to National Forrest.  Beautiful golden Aspen and Ponderosa pine surrounded us.  One night a herd of deer and oddly, tagging along a small female Elk roamed through the backyard.  We really enjoyed taking a break from technology and spending time together.  Clue is always a winner.
 We brought the bikes and the kids rode all over the property.  Kaitlin was tickled pink from her head to her toes!
 They found some friends to play with. :)
 One day Daddy had to get a little mud on his tires, so we went 4 wheeling.  The kids loved ridging in the back and driving.  I loved the beautiful views.  Reminded me of home.
Max took the big girls on a mountain biking ride while I ran along text to he two little ones a flat trail.
 Afterward we warmed up at the coffee  shop with coffee and coco.
Our last night we got slicked up and headed into town for dinner.
   We went to Lumberyard Brewing to sample some local food and drink.  Then surprise, surprise!  Karlie's best friend walked in the door! Karlie was thrilled. :)  Everyone tries to escape on fall break.
We all relished the opportunity to be cold!  We enjoyed wearing jeans, uggs and jackets.  It was refreshing for us to spend so much time outdoors and together.  We hope to return next year!

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