Grammy and Grampy Came To Town

At the beginning of the month Grammy and Grampy came to visit.  It had been too long.  Gramps missed the entire pool season.
 We surprised the kids and had lunch with all three of the younger kids.  They were thrilled to show Grammy and Grampy off to their friends.  It was fun for my parents to see the kids in their little worlds.
 Hailey wanted to do some shopping so we went to whack a couple balls while she and her friend shopped.  Gramps had to show us how it was done. :)  I have no hope but the kids are young enough, they might have a shot at it.
My Grandpa came for dinner where we celebrated National Taco Day in style!  I always love celebrating life with food.  Food and Family, it doesn't get much better.
 With Max being gone for all but 5 days over 3 weeks, the kids maximized their snuggle time with Gramps and Grammy.
Nothing like playing the game Life.  Life is just better with family.

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Anonymous said...

Love you all so much!! Grammy