September's National Days...

Over the month of September we continued to celebrate the National Day of whatever.  I think it is really a campaign to make you get fat because it usually revolves around food and it is almost always delicious and bad for you.  But that is not going to stop us from celebrating!
 Who can turn down National Cheese Pizza day with a house full of kids?
 I really enjoyed an excuse to get the kids a book for National Read a Book Day.  The older two were on the wait list at the library for the last two months for these books, so it was fun to surprise them with them.  Kaitlin has just gotten hooked on the Magic Tree House series and Hank adores Little Critter.
 It was so good it put both the boys to sleep. :)
 The kids came home to some new Play-Doh for National Play-Doh Day. 
 I was buying it in line at Target and a guy remarked how his wife never wanted to let the kids play with Play-Doh because it is too messy.  I confessed that it was for National Play-Doh day and that I think most mom's are not in love with the clean up.  He told me that his kids would have liked that but they were 14 and 16 now.  I told him he should get some anyway and play with them because I bet they would play with it.  At first he laughed it off but then as I was putting my groceries in the car he drove up and told me he texted his wife and she was going to get some!  You are never too old to play.
 None other than In and Out Burger would do for National Cheeseburger Day!
 Between all the daily celebrations Max and I got to go to Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean concert one night.  It was quite the cowboy throw down.  Max and I still like to play like we are college kids.
 For the First Day of Fall we had chili and home made apple pie.  Sure wasn't very chilly.
 With our Batboy and love of Batman we had to celebrate National Comic Book Day.  The kids had the day off from school so we went out to lunch and had their favorite frappe treat.
 We did a taste test for National Chocolate Milk Day and the homemade with Hershey's won by a land slide.  Some unnamed people would like to say that Ovaltine should be in the running, but that is not even real chocolate milk. ;)
 National Coffee Day.  I am not sure if chocolate chip frap with no coffee in it counts but its the thought that counts.
We had a bubble off on National Chewing Gum Day.  I couldn't fine Hubba Bubba so we were stuck with Extra.  It is terrible for blowing bubbles but good for teeth I guess.  In a blink September came and went.  I am excited for the fun and festivities of the holiday season that begins in October.  Treats, Turkey and the best day of the year, oh my!!

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