Karlie is a really wonderful big sister.  There is nothing the kids love more than to play school with her.  She is a devoted teacher and I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up teaching in some way as an adult.
Over a recent weekend she spent the entire weekend getting Hank and Kaitlin ready for open house.  She posted signs through out the house to alert us that Sunday we should arrive at 7 pm.
 We walked into her classroom excited to see what they had been working so diligently on.  We hardly saw them all weekend.  Karlie was dressed up and had an entire speech for us about the evening's rotations and our children's work.  You can see she is talking into her microphone.  It was a big crowd. :)
 Kaitlin had an presentation on monkeys.  She did a poster and an a learning mobile.  She had a flier with facts and jokes about monkeys.   She also did a map and colored the regions where monkeys can be found in nature. 
After her presentation, we watched Hank do his.
 He chose snakes and needed a little help from the teacher.
 He was most excited about his mobile.
 Then while we had conference time with the teacher, the kids worked on a team building exercise of putting the states map puzzle back together as fast as they could.
Karlie keeps folders for each of the kids that tracks their attendance, behavior and progress.  She makes copies of dittos from school for them and even has PE and music time.  For presents she asks for teaching supplies.  :)  It fills me with so much joy to see them using their imagination and playing together.  Being able to keep their attention and enthusiasm for so long is a testament to Karlie's planning, leadership and talent as a teacher.

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Courtney said...

Love this! Sounds like something my sister and I would have done. We played "librarian" and school all the time.