Wild Ones at the Zoo

While the kids were on break we found a day it was going to be below 90 and headed to the Phoenix zoo.  It transported me back in time to when the kids were babies and toddlers and we would spend the day at the Denver zoo.  We haven't been to the zoo in over a year.  I sure miss those zoo days with  my little monkeys.
So we did everything the zoo had to offer since it was a rare treat.  We went with friends which made it all the more wild and fun.

 Hump Day!  The little ones squealed and loved the camel  ride.
 Hailey's only comment was that they have a terrible gait compared to a horse.
 How could we not do the carousel?
 Karlie was a little apprehensive after being injured by the eagle the last time, but she found a sturdy one. :)
 Doing what monkeys do best.

We saw many animals out but the favorite experience of the day was petting the Manta Rays.
 They are like water dogs.  They come to you to be petted.
 The kids couldn't get enough of it (me either).  We all decided we wanted to take one home.  Hank asked if we could put one in the pool?
 There were two babies that the handler was feeding.  It was so cute!
 I think the Manta Rays have a sense of humor.  After a while they came by and splashed the boys and then later came by and drenched the girls.
It was a perfect day at the zoo with our wild ones.

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