A Spooktacular Month

It was a busy and spooktaculary fun October.  (I get to make up words on my blog)  The kids love Halloween fun.  They can't wait to open their advent calendar each morning that counts down to Halloween.  Sometimes it is just a small piece of candy, other times a treasure hunt to a big prize.
 Their first hunt went like this...
Happy Halloween!  I love you to death and spooked up a little Halloween Hunt.  It might be hard but don't get hot.  Keep your cool. (Steam Room)
After a month of spooktacular teats, it will be time for a Thanksgiving feast.
(The dining room table)
Many people will wear a mask on Halloween but some wear them on Mardi Gras!
(Our Mardi Gras Mask souvenir)
Lets make a potion to drink!
(The bar)
You can play a haunted tune...
(The Piano)
Halloween is approaching, do you have your costume?
(My closet where all the costumes were)
Are you going to decorate your tree house for Halloween?
(Inside the slide)
Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!
(Inside the Ghostbusters movie)
You are my little pumpkins.
(Under the mini pumpkins decorating the table)
Maybe we should have pumpkin pancakes for Halloween!
The final clue was in the cupboard by the griddle where the skelly PJs were wrapped and said, "No bones about it, I love you!"
 Max's Morgue strikes again...
 Lots of Halloween Stories before bed.
 Many happy celebrations.
 A few date nights!  This guy was dead boring, so I tried again with this other ghoul.
We had so much fun at the Luke Bryan concert it almost killed us! :)
 These two cuties made sweet treats.  I must say it awesome to have TWO daughters that now bake on their own.  Going to be living large in the desert world.
 I was disappointed we didn't find a way to a real pumpkin patch this year.  So on a Saturday afternoon when it was 94 degrees, we made our own AZ style pumpkin patch.
 The pool patch was quite fun.
 The pumpkins might need sunscreen next time.
 So many yummy treats and so little time!  These pumpkin cream cheese muffins have to be my all time favorite of the season.
 It wouldn't be Halloween without Booing our friends.
 Karlie's teacher asked her to dress like her one day. 
We are finally getting use to carving pumpkins in the 90s.  Max is all about the power tools with the pumpkins.  I can't believe they can all almost completely carve their own. :(
I really just love this time of my life.  My little pumpkins made October frightfully fun!

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