An Uphill Climb

One Sunday Max went to Sedona to ride his bike with his buddy, Bill.  I thought it would be fun to do something with the kids so I invited my hiking buddy and Bill's wife, Aimee and her kids to hike Sunrise with us.
 It sounded a little crazy to take 6 kids on a 4 mile hike in the desert.  But Aimee and I were all the more motivated when Max and Bill said we were crazy and would never make it to the top.
 Here is the first peak.  We still had over a mile to climb and it was straight up.  The 3 year old was our pace setter.  I have no doubts this little girl is going to be an Ironman when she grows up!  She trucked up the mountain the entire way!
 We made it to the very top!
 Girls rule!  I won't lie that Aimee and I took great pleasure in texting this pic to the boys.  :)
However, we paid for our boasting.  The little one hit the wall and fell to pieces.  Aimee and I took turns caring her down and all three of my girls slipped and fell, getting skinners.  Luckily I had candy corn to bribe everyone to keep marching.  It was far more of an uphill climb going down than up.  I think they used all their gas to get up.  But they did it!  Four miles in three hours with six kids ages three to thirteen.  An uphill climb for sure. :)

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