We had such a fun Halloween season, I am still trying to catch up!
 We made carmel apples and celebrated Siri's birthday in the week leading up to Halloween.
 We had finger bones (white asparagus), guts (Halloween shaped Mac-N-Cheese) and blood (wine) for dinner.
 Max made Jack O' Lantern omelets for breakfast.
 I love packing Halloween lunches.  This year they got pumpkin cuties and sandwiches,  Cheez-Its that spelled Halloween, grape monsters, Halloween yogurt, candy corn and a black and orange Oreo.  It's good to be a kid!
 Even the big Pumpkin was dressed for the day. :)
 I am room mom for all the 3 of the younger kids and ran Kaitlin and Hank's parities.  By Karlie's age they watch a movie and have popcorn.  I guess they are too cool for crafts and games by 5th grade. :(
 These were a new treat this year to keep in line with the Michelle Obama school nutrition mandate.  Don't get me started!  They can't have sweets, so we had to find orange cups with no added sugar.  But we managed to try and make them fun for the kids anyway.
 They don't allow kids to dress up in their costumes or call it a Halloween party either.  It is a Harvest party and they do a book report and make a costume out of a paper bag representing one of the characters or themes of the book.  I applaud his teacher for trying!
 Hank did his book report on Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer.  Hank has really grabbed onto the Little Critter books and that is his favorite book right now.  Just Hank and his Dad made his costume too.  
The first graders then did a parade around the school to show off their costumes and books.  It was so sweet.
 Have I ever said that I love parties?!  I take so much pleasure seeing my guys have fun with their friends.
 Kaitlin's class did the mummy math wrap, weird science by combining liver and hydrogen peroxide, and then decorated a cookie that was suppose to go home.  But oops, we must have forgot to tell them that.
 My sweetie with her illegal sweets.
After all the fun school parties it was time to go to a Halloween party and then trick or treat.  We brought this ghoulish salsa.
Halloween was a wickedly busy and fun day full of treats and sweet times.

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