A Christmas Carol

The weekend before Christmas, Hailey and Karlie performed FIVE productions of A Christmas Carol!
Every year our church does and holiday production for the community and this year the play was a A Christmas Carol.  They always have a full house and I feel it is not your typical church play.  They have some seriously talented actors and director.  It is all just members of the church and everyone pitching in to make the scenes and costumes.  My family was here visiting and was able to see it and they were all impressed with the acting.
 It is a huge commitment to audition and be in the play.  The girls have had practice every Monday since mid September and then full show practices were for hours over the weekend before the production.
 Karlie wants to be involved in every activity she has an opportunity to partake in.  As a result on some Mondays she would go to volleyball practice, I would pick her up and she would eat dinner in the car on the way to play practice and then we would be up until 10 doing homework.  But she never complained once!  However, I might have. :)
 Karlie was a towns person and a party guest at Mr. Fezziwig's shop party.  She had a dance routine and really enjoyed being on stage.
 Hailey was Mary Cratchit and loved acting.  She got so into her roll that she would cry when little Tim died.
 The girls did such a nice job and we are so proud of how much time and effort they put into the production.
They are already talking about next year's play! :)

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