Christmas Eve Fun

 We never suffer from a lack of something to do in our house and Christmas Eve was no exception.  We were running from morning till night.  Literally...
Max and I did a 4 mile desert run to try and counter the evenings caloric bomb that was in our future.
 We made up family game night baskets for friends and family this year and couldn't leave out our horse family.  Hailey put together an apples, carrots, lettuce and sugar cube basket for Sunny and Mrs. Murphy.
 Hailey and Mrs. Rose dressed the horses up and delivered candy canes to the neighbors. Such a blessed girl!  Her smile was so big I thought she might explode.
 They shocked many people as they opened the door to see a horse with a santa beard and reindeer horns.  Quite a few people told them that they made their day.  She loved spreading a little Christmas cheer through our neighborhood.
 Then we were off to Christmas Eve service with Karlie's best friend and her family.  I cry every year when we sing Silent Night.
We put this beauty in the oven before church and came home to the most amazing smell!
 It made for a bounty of  Yorkshire Pudding!
 We had a feast fit for a King on the night the King of all Kings came into the world.
It was a lovely evening with much anticipation in the air.

Down to the wire!  After dinner we made sugar cookies for Santa and ended up with three plates full and a plate of carrots for the reindeer.
Then they got to open their first gift, which is always matching Christmas PJs.  This year we were boy and girl polar bears.
Karlie's shirt says Bearly Sleeping.  I can't think of a more fitting title for Christmas Eve. :)  Sweet dreams for my little bears.

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