Christmas Joy

Christmas morning was full of joy and wonder!
Santa managed to surprise all the kids big and small!
Hailey is a huge Supernatural fan and to everyone's surprise cardboard cutouts of the two main characters flanked the tree.  Siri was so alarmed she started howling and growling at 5 am!  Needless to say, we were all up early.  I think I feel like Siri and am a little unnerved by the middle age men in my house. ;)
 Karlie was thrilled to get a kindle reader to give her access to thousands of books!  She also loved her neon green Nike's and a RipStick!  Hopefully we won't have any broken bones in the New Year.
Kaitlin was the envy of all her siblings as Santa gave her a mini iPad!!  Hailey's comment was, "jealousy is real man."  With pink headphones and a pink purse, she certainly will be pretty in pink.
Hank's big presents were a mountain bike, Magnatiles, Underarmour shoes and a basketball hoop for his room.
 Karlie was so sweet finding a present for Daddy. 
 He had told her a while ago how as a kid he had wanted a giant gobstopper so badly but they could never afford spending that kind of money on such a frivolous gift.  She knew we had to go to the candy store and find the biggest gobstopper they had so she could give it to him.  He plans to keep in it his office.
 One of Kaitlin's favorite gifts was a polar bear Hank gave her.  My sweet baby bears.
 They all asked for headphones that work.  It looks like they will be rocking in style in the New Year!
Magnatiles were the big hit that kept these two busy for hours!

To finish off a wonderful day of celebrating the blessings and joys of our life we had a crab fest.  We went to Costco to get some crab legs and they had a few full crabs.  We decided to give it a try and decided it was SO good we may need to start a new tradition.
Christmas in one word is JOY!

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