Christmas Traditions

 We have a had a long tradition of going to the mountains to cut down a Christmas tree. 
 We use to have it as our actual tree, but after Max all too easily lit one on fire in the 2005 Christmas season, we went fake. But we still love the tradition of going to find our tree, so we make a giant wreath instead.
 We live in such a neat place.  In an hour and half we can go from saguaro cactus forest to a beautiful pine tree forest.  The kids always watch Polar Express on our drive.  I glanced back to see these two cuddling.  Yep, melts a mom's heart.
 It is also a tradition to bring hot chocolate and treats.  We are getting better at this and brought a table this year.  Next year, we might stay all day!
 After everyone was fueled up, it was time to set off on the epic tree choosing hike.
 If you think going to a lot and trying to agree on a tree is hard, try having an entire forest.  Everyone picks a different one and you just keep walking and walking until you are so far from the car that it takes great effort to carry the tree back!  And as you go back you see 3 or 4 trees that look better than the one you are carrying. :)
 This was our first chosen tree!
 But wait, Hank wants this one!
 But then Daddy decided this tree would be better for wreath making.
 Hank was all about helping with the tree.
 Max was beaming that he had a little helper this year.
 Max cuts the branches and then we tie them around a some metal tubing.
 With some lights, decorations and a bow it becomes a beautiful wreath.
And it smells like Christmas time all through the house.

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