Colonial Day

Every year the 5th grade class celebrates Colonial Day.  They spend the entire day learning about the Colonial times through games and activities.  Somehow I ended up being in charge of the entire day.  It is 100% parent run activity.  We had just moved here when Hailey's 5th grade class celebrated it and Hank was still at home with me, so I only volunteered for an hour to make pinecone bird feeders.    Needless to say, I was winging it for Karlie's Colonial Day!
 Karlie is part of the media club and did the pledge that morning.  All 5th graders, teachers and parents come dressed in clothing of the Colonial period for the day of celebration.
 The principal has a special 13 colonies flag the kids rose for the day.
 There was a brief ceremony with the orchestra students playing Yankee-Doodle.  :)
 There were 4 classes with each class running 2 activities that all the children rotated through. Karlie's class taught the kids to make orange and clove pomanders.  They learned that these were made to help combat the foul odors of the time.  Wearing a black, polyester dress in the warm Arizona sun, I was a fan of keeping one of these on me all day.  :)
 Colonial day has ben a long tradition at their school but we introduced two new activities this year.  We taught the kids to make quill pens and had them right the intro to the Declaration of Independence with them.  They loved this activity!  Karlie's teacher was thrilled with this new addition and the kids really gained an appreciation for the beauty of the penmanship of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
 The other new activity we introduced was square dancing.  The kids were taught the Virginia Reel.   At first they all moaned that they would have to dance and Karile asked me if I was seriously going to make her dance with boys.  However, this was hands down the kids' favorite activity.  They were so cute.  They also learned that dancing was a sign of wealth and status.  The better dancer, the more time and money they had to practice.
 The kids also did silhouettes of themselves and made candles.
 The learned to play games that Colonial children would play like jumper rope, three legged race, ring toss, and walking on stilts.
They learned to make corn husk dolls and made picture frames with dried flowers.  We had a stockade station that they each took a picture in and we threatened to send them there if they misbehaved. :)
I was very worried about being in charge of such a big event, but it turned out to be a fun day that ran smoothly.  Best of all they have two new activities that the kids really enjoyed.  I love getting to be a part of their school and their education, but really I just loved sneaking in some extra time with my girl.

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