Day 1 Read To Me

In this season of giving we wanted to try and give back.  We have been so blessed and have so much that we hope to teach the kids to bless others with the blessings they have.  As a family we have come up with 12 days of giving instead of 12 days of Christmas.
For our first day we went to UMOM, which is a homeless shelter for families.  They provide both emergency and longterm housing along with case mangers to help try and get families back on their feet.  One of the programs they offer is a weekly literacy night where the kids come and read with volunteers for an hour.  Kaitlin was my buddy and we had a little 4 year old boy.  He was so cute and so smart!  Hank and Max teamed up and read with an boy, while Hailey and Karlie got a chance to read with many girls.  It was a great family giving experience and made us grateful.  While we are writing Christmas list of this thing or that thing, these kids are dreaming of a home or a job.

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