Day 9 Care Packages for the Soldiers

Today we mailed packages to soldiers deployed in Iraq from Arizona.  We are so grateful for their service and the sacrifices they make every day.  They give us the gift of freedom, so we wanted to send them a little taste of home.
On the website Any Solider you can search for a troop in need by branch, the country they are deployed to, where the unit is from, and by name.  We decided to find a platoon from Arizona.  They requested snacks, candy, hair ties for the women, razors and toothbrushes.  The kids made cards and offered to be pen pals if anyone was in need of one.  Putting together this small token of our appreciation helped remind the kids of all that the service men and women do to pay for our freedom and comfortable life.

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Kurt Bohling said...

Giving back to soldiers is a great way to share the holiday spirit. I have some friends who used to be in the military. I sent them care packages all of the time, but there were soldiers that got nothing. These holiday boxes would show up, and they would be so excited to have something that reminded them of home.

Kurt Bohling @ Philadelphia Mail Room