Holly's Adventures Christmas 2014

After Thanksgiving the kids begin to eagerly anticipate the arrival of Holly our elf on a shelf.  Kaitlin would wake up between 5 and 6 am every morning to search for her.
 The day she arrived she put all of our stocking on the tree and was hiding in it at the top.
 As the month went on she moved all around the house causing mischief.
One morning they could not find her.  It wasn't until they gave up and decided to have breakfast that Hank realized she was in the Rice Krispies box!
 Kaitlin asked her for a picture of Rudolph and the next morning we found her as Spidey with the picture.
 Holly has a funny sense of humor.
 I was none to pleased to wake up to mustaches drawn on everyone's faces one Sunday morning.  Holly didn't use washable marker and the kids had their church Christmas choir performance that morning.  Everyone got a facial as I scrubbed hard enough to remove the layer of skin with the marker mustache.  I was ready to touch Holly and end all the magic.  But the kids happily endured the facial to keep Holly alive! :)
 Holly turned the milk green last year, so this year it was red, er pink.
 She made some playmates and had a marshmallow fight with the minions.
 There were messes and TPing the tree during the month.  But on Christmas Eve she reminded us to stop and smell the roses during Christmas.
 Kaitlin is especially fond of Holly and was very sad to say goodbye to her.
The magic, the wonder, and the joy of Christmas shines bright in the kids and it makes me merry.

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