Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas touched with wonder and filed with Love.  May joy and peace be yours throughout 2105!
We finally feel like we can call the desert our home and have learned to embrace the wild west nature of Arizona.  
For our Christmas card we wanted to do a desert and wild west feeling photo shoot.
Max always does such a nice job as our family photographer.
 The kids are very patient and willing to put up with 750 pictures to get just one right (it might be because we bribe and threaten them, but I am not saying either way)!
 Hailey has grown up SO much!
 Her favorite picture was with the horses of course, even thought she looks like a model with the wind blowing in her hair.
We are extremely grateful to our neighbors that let Hailey ride and spend time with their horses.  Sunny and Mrs. Murphy are practically family to Hailey.
 What makes my world turn.
 The love of my life.
 Me and my girls. :)
 My boys!
What we are really like...
Don't forget to have fun on the journey!

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