Robo Eagles SOAR

Karlie has been on her school's Robotics team for the last two years.  This year she was nominated as a Co-Captain of the team and went to the Regional Championship on Saturday.  Arizona recently designated Robotics as an official competitive activity with state honors.
 She and her teammate have a very successful mission and are second in the timed rotation.  Karlie handles the programing while Abby handles the attachments.  
 The competition was a long ways away so we got up at 5 am to get ready for the big day!  When I went in to wake Karlie up, she was already dressed and had made her bed.  She was very excited!  It was neat to hang out with Karlie and her teammates all day and watch them compete against mostly middle school teams.  In fact, two teams from Hailey's school were at the competition and one didn't place at all.
 Both their principal and vice principal came for the big competition.  To everyone's surprise this rookie team placed in the top 6 out of 35 teams!!  This moved them onto the State Championship next weekend!
 Karlie is so excited and we are so proud of our little techie!
First LEGO League hosts the competitions and it was very well run and organized.  Both sets of grandparents were able to watch the live video streaming and see Karlie compete.
Karlie was told to wear her medal and uniform to school so they could honor them today!
 Karlie has her eyes set on the national competition at LEGO land in California.
 With Karlie's determination, we may be seeing LEGOs the rest of the year!  Good luck ROBO Eagles!!

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