Zoo Lights

 This year the time has flown by!  With all the activities the kids are in, we have been scrambling to fit in some of our favorite Christmas activities.  We fit Zoo Lights just in time.
I  sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to find animal hats and a note that we were headed to Zoo Lights!
 The Phoenix Zoo has over 3 million lights.  It is really beautiful.
We have a long tradition of packing hot chocolate and spice cake to have while we are enjoying the lights.  We sat by the lagoon and watched the light show choreographed to the Polar Express song.
 Lots of snuggles from our little bears.
 The lights make for beautiful pictures.
 Zoo Lights was just what we needed...  A little family time without all the distractions of the busy season.
Only 2 days left until Christmas!!

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