Can He Stay 6 Forever?

 On Tuesday when I went to pick Hank up from school he came running up to me and began to rip open his backpack.  I pleaded with him to wait and get out his left over lunch to eat until we got to the car.  Juggling backpacks, water bottles, and excited kids in a busy parking lot can unravel me.  But Hank would not stop throwing out the contents of his bag all over the sidewalk.  Just as I started to get frustrated he whipped out his homework folder and opened it to his behavior log.  With a beaming smile he showed me what it said.  "Teacher's shirt!  higher than pink- Awesome Day!" :)
I knew that morning he was going to have an exceptional day.  He was everything wonderful and sweet that a child could be.  He wanted to snuggle with me in bed.  He was eager to help in all ways.  He made his bed and mine too!  He must have told me he loved me a dozen times before getting on the school bus.  When I asked him what he did to get to clip all the way up, he said, "I don't know, I was just holding Mrs. H's hand and she told me to go clip up!"
I know exactly how she felt.  One adoring look from this guy can make your heart melt.  Of course we had to celebrate with a Dairy Queen ice cream!  I am smitten with my little guy.  I would love to keep him this age forever.  Something about those Mama's boys. :)

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