Resolving To Do More

After my initial post Christmas depression, the powerful urge to do more begins to stir within me every January.  I suppose the routine of ending the year with celebrations to a gluttonous measure and the coming down from the peak of Christmas and all the joy that surrounds it, leaves me ready to start fresh and motivated for the year ahead.  I firmly believe in making resolutions or goals each year.  Albert Einstein said, "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."  I think while pursuing those goals you will find happiness with those around you and the things you accomplish.
We only have so many minutes on this earth.  Why would I want to waste a single one watching about Kim Kardashian's pathetic life?  I certainly won't leave my name in the history books but I can choose to have a history of loving, serving, and living life to the fullest.
 This year's goals revolve around my zest for life, a heart of service, and attitude of love.  Anyone who hangs around MKHKKH knows we run a busy house.  If we are not scheduled to be somewhere, we usually schedule something to do.  Last weekend we had a free day and decided to kick of the New Year with working toward one of our goals.  We live in an area that has some of the nation's best urban hiking.  There are numerous peaks awaiting us.  I hope to conquer 12 peaks in the Phoenix area this year.  While some may be too strenuous for the kids, I would like them to hike as many as possible.  Our first summit of 2015 was a Papago Park.  A short 3 mile hike with stunning views and many caves to explore.  Initially the kids were not thrilled with the hiking goal.  However, after this hike, they are all excited to see how high we can go!
If there is one thing we received out of our 12 Days of Giving, it was that we can chose to have an impact.  We can continue to live our lives for ourselves and enjoy the numerous blessings bestoed to us, or we can use God's gifts to pay it forward.  We had a handful of friends and family that told us they were specifically inspired to give in someway because of our 12 Days of Giving.  Our giving didn't just effect those projects we gave to, it got others to give too.  I hope to instill in our kids the heart of service.  This year I resolve to do more by serving others.  Hopefully we can be a gift in small ways to others.
All of us but Max are enrolled in tennis lessons.  I hope we can learn enough to play a few family matches in 2015!
I have a few personal goals.  Even though I don't always complete them, I feel if I keep aiming for them, eventually I will make it.
I finally conquered my drinking water goal!  It has probably been a New Year's goal for me for over a decade.  Something changed and I could really taste the artificial sweeteners in my beloved Diet Squirt.  I still crave the refreshing bubbliness.  La Croix has been my secret weapon.  I can drink this stuff like it's white wine!! :)  So you win some and you lose some.  Check off the water goal, keep striving for that flossing goal. LOL
I also resolve to complete the Spartan Race with Max in February.  It is very challenging and it gives me something to work toward.
I aim to continue with our Family 50 and visit New England and New York this summer.  Some of our best memories have come from our goal to visit all 50 states.  We work on planning the trip and what we want to see all year.  It is really one of the best goals we have ever made.
Finally, I want to write more.  I have had a project on my brain for many years.  I would like to resolve to work on it this year and see if it is worthy of an all out effort.  I have 3 Bachelor degrees in science, not a one in writing or English language.  Sometimes you have to make a big goal to realize you have to set a few small goals in between that goal.  
Our Bible study this week, the kids wrote a letter to themselves for next year that we sealed in an envelope.  They were to write down what they would have done in the year and what they expected to be doing.  With that, I had them each think about their mind, body, and soul and how they could improve it over the year.  Not only did we make goals but talked about specific plans to reach each goal.
Hank's goals:
Mind - To increase his reading level so he can begin to take Accelerated Reader Quizes.
Body - Learn to tie his shoes (might be Mom's goal)!  Play on the basketball, football and baseball teams.
Soul - Be better to his sisters.
Kaitlin's goals:
Mind - Increase her AR level and master multiplications facts.
Body - More fruits and veggies, Spartan Race, get her serve over the net in volleyball, and join swim team this summer.
Soul - Be a better sibling.
Karlie's goals:
Mind - Read 4 Million Words, test into advanced math.
Body - Be more fit.
Soul- Read my Bible more.
Hailey's goals:
Mind - Get an A in Math class.
Body- Tone up by doing something active everyday.
Soul- Being the best sister I can be.
We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.  Proverbs 16:9
I am excited to see what we steps we take as a family in 2015!

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