Ringing In The New Year!

We had a fun night cooking, playing poker and hanging out as we celebrated the New Year.
Everybody helped Max make Jambalaya.
 Pops was on shrimp detail with the kids.  They learned all about exoskeletons and shrimp guts.
 Hailey and Nana goofing around.
 Kaitlin forced herself to take a nap earlier in the day so she could party the night away.  Hank however crashed out around 9, but rallied to ring in the New Year with us.
Hailey had major beginners luck during our poker match and was dealt a royal straight!!  Needless to say she was the big winner of the night.
 We have had many New Years Eve kisses. :)
 I am blessed to begin the year with this crowd!
 We had a wonderful 2014!
 Looking forward to all the sparkle of 2015!
 Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Smith Family! Nice to see the U of A gear!!!