Seize The Day!

With the weather already reaching the mid 70s in January, the heat is on to work on our goal to summit 12 peaks this year.  Even though we had a full day of basketball, birthday parties and and volleyball games, Max and I decided to seize the day and attempt to jog Sunrise Peak. 
The kids have already done it, so we didn't feel like they needed to go this time.  Plus it allowed us to practice for our Spartan Race.  It was almost a 4 mile round trip hike that we completed in an hour and 15 minutes.  The over 1000 ft of elevation gain proved to be very hard to jog up!
 The views are stunning.  The fountain was going in Fountain Hills!
I remember when we moved here how ugly I thought the desert was.  I called it death desert.  Now I find it so peaceful and beautiful.  Well at least in the winter and spring! :) Three peaks down, 9 to go!

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