Sunday Fun Day

With the holiday weekend we were able to spend all day Sunday playing!
I knew it was going to be a good day when it started with a family morning snuggle.  Each one slowly toddled into our bed until we had 5 monkeys in the bed.  Of course Hailey would sleep until lunch if we let her.  
We went to church and had a great message about living in the moment.  So we decided to climb the little mountain by our house that we have named Baby Mountain.  Four Peaks down!
We decided to let Siri come, which in hind sight was not the best idea.  But our loyal girl wouldn't let bouldering stop her from staying with the pack.  Even if she cut her foot. :(
 It is only a quarter of a mile but you gain 300 feet of elevation and there is no trail, just large lava rocks.  The kids love it and it provides an incredible view!
 We can see our house down at the base!
 Max leads and I follow to make sure all the little ducks get down the mountain.
Kaitlin found a nice chaise lounge to relax on.
 Kaitlin used her reward tickets at school to buy free ice cream coupons for the whole family.  Unfortunately when we showed up, the business had closed.  A stop at Dairy Queen did the trick however!  Its the thought that counts.
 Then it was time for play off football.  Nothing goes with football like a famous Pops grinder.  Well, maybe queso and chips...
 Everyone is a big fan!
 A perfect day that started with snuggles and ended with snuggles.
 I love three day weekends!!

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T. L. Kerofsky said...

What a lovely family.
A great family Sunday.
Blessings to your family.