Tom's Thumb

Last weekend while Hailey worked on a big school project the rest of us hiked Tom's Thumb.

It takes about a half hour from our house to reach the base and Max was dying to take the doors off the Jeep.
 We had a fun ride with music blaring and wind blowing!
 When I did my research on it, I read it was a 4 mile round trip hike that was moderately difficulty.  No problem, so I thought.
The trail was very steep and Tom's Thumb sure looked far away.  We took many breaks up the steep trail.  At times it felt like we were climbing stairs.
After about an hour we reached the first peak. 
 Tom's Thumb is in the back through the crack in the rock!

 While the kids are not huge fans of trail hiking, they LOVE to boulder.
 Max told Kaitlin to lead the way up the boulders.
 We ended up in some dead ends and some places that made me very frighted one of the fearless children might jump to their death!
But at last we made it!

Top of Tom's Thumb!  Just as we began our decent it began to sprinkle on us.  When I checked the weather app that morning there was no chance of rain, just clouds!  But the rain motivated the kids to jog down the trail.  It took us over 2 hours to make it to the top and about 30 minutes to get down!
After we conquered our 2nd of 12 peaks as we were driving home, I started looking over the trail map Kaitlin had grabbed at the beginning of our hike.  It lists all the trails in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  I scanned down the list to Tom's Thumb where I saw its has a 1,363 ft elevation change, the length is 5 miles, and it has a double back diamond rating.  That puts it at the longest and most difficult hike in the preserve.  Oops!  I guess ignorance is bliss sometimes.  I will have to do a better job researching our future hikes. :)

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