A Day of Love

It was so fun to have Valentine's Day fall on a Saturday this year.  That meant I got an entire day to love on my Valentines!
 The dollar store is my new favorite place shop!  Balloons for a buck!  Bags for a buck!  Little goodies for a buck!
 I found this hot pink boys under armour shirt on clearance at Marshalls.  It was part of the NFL's breast cancer merchandise.  Hank and his best buddy had decided that boys can wear pink too.  He was so excited.  Of course I had to get one for his buddy too.  They are planning to wear them on Monday.
 Karlie and Hank made us a giant card full of sweet nothings.
 Karlie was invited to a sleepover at her best friend's house and she declined.  I was wondering if they were having a spat or something because she usually jumps at the opportunity.  As I began to inquire, she said she didn't want to be gone on Valentine's Day.  Up to that point I didn't have much planned but our usual crab dinner.  However, since I knew she had high hopes for the day, I couldn't disappoint!
 After Hank's basketball game we had heart pancakes for breakfast.
 Kaitlin wanted to make the cupcakes.  She did a perfect job!
 I helped with the frosting just a bit.
 We spent the afternoon playing outside and soaking in the hot tub.  The kids put together a performance for us and brought us popcorn and drinks.  It was a lovely afternoon.
Dinner was our traditional crab, pasta and salad.  The kids love getting dressed up for a fancy dinner. :)
For our dinner and a movie nothing would do but The Princess Bride.  I cherished this day because they were all so into it and just loved being together as a family.  Recently I was looking back at pictures from when they were little kids and babies and realized how fast it is just flying by.  In a few short years Hailey will be off to college and our little clan won't be the same.  It makes days like yesterday all the more special knowing how precious and limited they are.

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