Mayo Brothers Leadership and Legacy

Part of National Junior Honor Society is doing a research project on a given topic.  This year the topic was Leadership and Legacy.  Hailey has been working all year on her project.  She decided the Mayo Brothers were a perfect example of people who demonstrated leadership and legacy.  She read numerous books about the life of Charlie and William Mayo.
Their research can be presented in a variety of ways.  Hailey decided to do a poster presentation with artifacts.  Max has numerous medical items that were handed down through the generations of doctors in his family.  He has a microscope very similar to the one the Mayo Brother's Father mortgaged his house for in the late 1800s.  It took the family 10 years to pay off the loan for the microscope.  But, as he told his wife, their father knew back then that the advancement in medicine was going to come through science and the investment was worth it.  

Hailey drew portraits of the brothers in addition to her report.  The judges loved her presentation and wanted her to present at the regional competition.  However, Hailey had put in a lot of time and effort and didn't want to give up another Saturday to enter the regional competition.  We are so proud of her!  We learned a lot about the Mayo Brothers through her research.

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