Spartan Family

On February 7th we all competed in the Spartan Race! Here we are all clean and nice before the race.
The kids had a chance to practice the rope climb.  Hank shimmied up it 3 times like it was nothing.  Many of the very strong men watching just shook their heads.
The race was 4.8 miles with 26 obstacles.  Some of the obstacles were climbing a 20 foot high rope that sat in waist high muddy water, monkey bars, spear throwing, memorization test, pulling sandbags, carrying 50 pound buckets of rocks, many wall climbs, and mud pits.
I placed 983/4269 racers and of 171 out of 1543 females and 32nd out of 259 in my age group with a time of 1:38.
But I was most happy that I beat my first Spartan race by 2 minutes.  
Since Max had to hang back with me, he didn't do as well as last year when he ran it alone.
He was 981/4269 and 810 out of 2720 males, and 140th out of 514 in his age group. 
 He was my helper when I didn't think I could do it.  I can only imagine how great he would have done if he didn't have to carry me along the way too.
Although, he said he would take a slower time to race with me any day.  It really is fun to encourage each other along the way and see what your body is capable of.
I love my Spartan man!

This year the kids did the Spartan Kids race too!  Hailey and Karlie ran the 1 mile loop and Hank and Kaitlin ran the 0.5 mile loop.
It's not everyday that your parents want you to roll around in the mud.
 Hailey went belly first into the mud crawl while Karlie tied to stay on her hands and knees.
 Teammates to the end.  They grabbed hands to run to the finish line!
 I was so proud of them for being willing to try it but my heart lit up knowing that Karlie kept encouraging Hailey after she hurt her knee and that they stayed together.  Strong and beautiful sisters.
Next up were Kaitlin and Hank!
 Their course only had one mud pit.
Much to our surprise, Hank was the most timid jumping in.
Poor Max got a double work out as he followed both pairs throughout their race to cheer them on. These two were in a neck to neck race to see who could win!
 But they finished together just like the big girls!
 Hank especially LOVED the medal he earned. :)  He wanted to wear it to school on Monday. Next year they want to do the 1 mile race!
 We were all pretty dirty, so off the the hose station to get cleaned up.
 I am very proud of my Spartan Family!
We are already talking about next year!!

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