SUPER Weekend!

Last weekend was Phoenix's super weekend!  With the Phoenix Open and the Superbowl both here, there was something big happening all week and especially over the weekend!
 There were concerts at the Birds Nest all week.  The most notable one being Kid Rock.  His show was the fastest sellout in Birds Nest history!  The week before the concert, the tickets were going for $900!  Our good friends were given 4 tickets and invited Max and I to go!!  I had a good laugh at myself as I did my best rockstar fan outfit.  Max bought me a pair of leather pants for Christmas and I thought the concert was a perfect place to wear them.  The last time I wore a leather outfit was 20 years ago at our Senior Homecoming dance.  We are just having too much fun being silly!
 While I am not a Kid Rock follower, I will say he is a very talented musician and puts on a rowdy and fun show.  We had a blast and were grateful the rain stopped right before we got there and stayed away the rest of the night!
 We have lived here for 4 Waste Management Phoenix Opens and never went to one.  So if your going to go, you might as well go on the day they expected to break all golf record attendances, right!?  With Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in the line up, they were anticipating over 200,000 spectators!  However, neither Tiger nor Phil made the cut for Saturday and it was cold and cloudy day.  With only 160,000 people, they fell short of the record of 190,000 last year.
I think it should be renamed the Wasted Management Phoenix Open!  I have never seen so many adults behaving badly.  All age groups, college kids to seniors were drunk and rowdy.  The people watching is far more entertaining than the golf!  On a cool and cloudy 60 degree day there were half naked women in stilettos.  I was cold looking at many of the young girls in see through chiffon dresses.  The grass had become quite muddy in parts and many drunk people were covered with mud.  One poor fella was passed out against a wall dressed in his Sunday best of white pants, sport coat, and bow tie.  He had a huge mud smear along the entire right side of his outfit.  I can only imagine on a warm, sunny day just how crazy it could be!
 It was neat to see Bubba Watson up close but I prefer to watch golf on TV.  It is really hard to follow the ball and it is a slow game!
 On Sunday what remained of our "winter" weather began to burn off.  Max and I enjoyed a run in the fog!
Of course Sunday afternoon was the Superbowl!  We had friends over and enjoyed eating all the gloriously bad for you food that is custom of the big day.  The best part was the kids set up their own party and posted stations.  It was very clear no parents were allowed.  They had a tech zone, a talk and sweat zone, a sports zone, a watching football zone, and a sleeping-tired spot.  They snagged as many chips and treats as they could and played the night away.  Hank was disappointed in Seattle's performance but the rest of us didn't care about anything but the wings and Queso!  It was a winning night and a Supersized weekend!

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Anonymous said...

So much for golf being one of the last more refined sports!!!!! Fun weekend!! Nana