How Karlie Spent Her 11th Birthday

Karlie's Birthday is always especially fun to celebrate because many people are in the mood to party.
 To start off her day she wanted pancakes with green sprinkles for breakfast.
Everyone in the house and many people at school were dressed up in her favorite color, green.
 I always sneak the kids out of school for a trip to Fountain Hills to watch the giant fountain turn green.  We ate lunch by the lake and watched it turn emerald green.  It was so lovely.  I feel like the luckiest mom in the world.  After school we swung by McDonalds for a Shamrock Shake!
 Dinner is always corned beef and cabbage, but she also gets to choose her specific dinner the next night.  So tonight we are having steak, cheesy rice and artichokes at her request.
 Karlie wants to redecorate her room.  It is the same as it was since we moved here and she and Kaitlin shared a room.  Most of her presents revolved around her room.  She was thrilled to get a disco ball!  I may or may not have played Staying Alive and got my groove on.
 This year Karlie wanted to adopt Max's family's tradition of making two pies for her birthday.  One for the family and one she gets to eat entirely on her own!
I made a blackberry pie for the family and Karlie wanted a lemon cream pie died green for her special pie, which makes it looks more like a key lime pie.  She really enjoyed her trick candles and the candle that screeched the Happy Birthday song.
But what she really loved was getting to smash her face in her pie!  As she hovered about the top of it, I couldn't help but push her face in the pie!  She laughed and laughed!  Crazy Karlie!  Well with a disco ball, a pie in her face, and new room decor, I think 11 is looking like Karlie is going to SPARKLE!

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