Karlie's Murder Mystery Dinner Birthday Party

For her birthday party this year, Karlie decided to do a Murder Mystery Dinner Party.  We found a St. Patrick's Day themed one at My Mystery Party.  You buy the party and then download it and print out all the clue cards and parts of the game.  It provides step by step instructions on what to do and even offers menu ideas and games to play during your party.
Luckily we are pretty stocked up on St. Patrick's Day decorations so getting the house set for the party was easy.  The party is set at a neighborhood home on St. Patrick's Day.  All the characters have issues with each other in some way.  As the guest arrived we gave them their character and costume props.  Once we gave them the instructions, they were to stay in character throughout the party.
 There are 3 rounds throughout the evening.  Each round  you pass out clue cards that tell each character things they are to tell other characters.  For example it might be a trip they took or one person was spreading rumors about the town baker putting grasshoppers in her cupcakes.  All these clues help set the scene for motives for murder.
 The girls loved playing the wild Irish characters and gossiping behind each other's back.  It is a great party for tweens and teens.
 Round 1 was the appetizer hour.  For the adults they have you make it the cocktail hour.
 Then as you serve dinner, you hand out the second round of cards.  We served green mac-n-cheese, bratwurst, pickles and salad.
 Hailey was quite the actress and improvised one of the girls tripping her.
 During the dinner round one guest learns they are the victim and one guest learns they are the murderer.  The victim quietly goes to the bathroom where their props (a ghost sheet and victim sign) are hidden for them to put on.
 The girls didn't know this was going to happen and were all so excited trying to figure out which one of them had done it!
 During the dessert round everyone has a chance to proclaim their innocence and then each guest writes down who they think did it and why.  It was so fun and only one person guessed correctly!
 Time to finish the night off with cake.
 Karlie loved her colored flame candles.
I made a chocolate eggless cake on top and a surprise shamrock cake for the bottom.  Here are the step by step directions.
 It was fun to try something I had never done before and to surprise everyone!
There were many surprises and mysteries during Karlie's 11th birthday party.  However, one thing is no surprise, and that is Karlie is growing up into a beautiful, young lady!  We are lucky to have her in our life!

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