Laguna Laps

The kid's school had their annual fun run to raise money for supplemental programs like Art Masterpiece, Word Masters, and funding additional teacher's aides.  Fifteen laps equals one mile and they won't collect any more than 36 laps.  The kids all got sponsorships from their grandparents and us for a dollar per lap.  I told them if they did all 36 I would buy them a Jamba Juice afterwards.  I also pledged to run with them if they wanted me to.
Kaitlin was up first and she was determined to set the bar high for her siblings.  Not only did she make the 36 laps, she wanted to keep going.  She ran 45 laps, which equals 3 miles!  Karlie was next and was not about to be beat by her little sister, so she ran 48 laps and had the most laps by a girl in her class.  Another 3 miles!  By this point I was starting to get a little tired and it was getting hotter.  I was hoping Hank wouldn't want me to run the whole thing with him.  However, he was so sweet and wanted to hold my hand the entire time.  Yep, melted just like butter.  So we ran hand in hand for 36 laps.  I told him how great he did, but he wanted to know how far the K buddies went.  There was no stopping him despite my pleas to just walk a few laps.  He ran 50 laps!  There is nothing like sibling rivalry to get them running. :)  They each earned their Jamba Juice and money for their school.  Thanks to their competitiveness I ran the most in one day I ever have, 9 and half miles, and they raised over $300 for their school!

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