Patriotic Productions

February was a busy month for school programs and productions.
 Kaitlin's class did a patriotic play that walked the audience through America declaring it's independence and writing the Constitution.  It was full of facts and comical relief.  The finally was a slide show with Kenny Rogers singing I am Proud To Be an American.  It was very cute and well done.  Kaitlin loved being a part of it.
 Karlie's class had a living history report where each student became an important American historical figure for the presentation.  Karlie was Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.
 Her best friend was Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher.  There were many Abraham Lincoln's and  Steve Jobs.  My favorite was Neil Armstrong who cam in a full astronaut suit!
 I was so impressed with all these kids getting up in front of the entire 4th and 5th grade classes and all the parents to present a short bio of their historical figure.
 Kaitlin also had her end of the 2nd trimester Accelerated Reading ceremony.  Her teacher sets specific goals for each student on how many points they must earn and how many nonfiction books they must read.  Kaitlin is a very organized and driven little lady.  She set out her plan of how many books she would have to read each week and followed it religiously until she smashed her goal.  She was one of only 10 kids to reach her goal.  They were rewarded with a reading trophy.  This system has turned her from a struggling reader to a fluent reader that now enjoys reading.  Hank is biting at the bit to start AR after spring break.
Programs and productions are pretty much over by middle school, but they do have spirit days.  Hailey rocked the 80's day at her school!  She is an 80's girl at heart.  She loves the music and movies of the time.  She has made many of her teachers laugh quoting lines out of Ferris Bueller and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  For the shortest month of the year, it was one of the busiest at school!

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