Saddle Mountain and SSBTR

The Last Saturday in February Max and I decided to get up early and hike to the top of Saddle Mountain before our day with kid activities got rolling.
 It does not have a trail, so we just picked our own path over the lava rocks.  The views along the ridge were gorgeous and we watched a helicopter rescue on nearby Sunrise Mountain.  It was a rare chilly day with rain threatening the whole morning.  Five summits down!
Hailey is in the National Junior Honors Society and the primary charity they support is Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research.   According to their website, brain tumors are the number one cause of solid tumor cancer deaths in children through high school.  Hailey's school has had a higher than average amount of students develop brain cancers.  Every year SSBTR holds a walk-a-thon to raise money for research.  It is really a grass roots organization that was started by a Studetn Council Advisor at one of the local high schools.  SSBTR was founded in 2002 and with 250 walkers they raised $7,500 dollars.  Since then, they have raised over $1.75 million dollars for research with 93% of it going to fund brain tumor research at local hospitals in the valley.  It was really touching to be part of such an great charity.  We hope to continue to support them and were grateful Hailey chose to get involved.

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