Squeeze Every Minute Out

Our friends like to joke that our family has a form of ADD.  We have a hard time sitting still and admittedly I start to get a little anxious if we are not doing something.
A few Sundays ago I realized just how out of hand we can be as I was compiling pics of the day for an Instagram post.  We started the morning with a family 4 mile bike ride.  
Then Hailey took Kaitlin horseback riding for her first time!  Kaitlin loved it.  We may have another horse lover on our hands. 
While we were doing that, Max decided he wanted to take the top off the Jeep and got his motorcycle tuned up for spring. 
 Karlie then went to a birthday party and we decided to take cupcakes to the firehouse where the firefighters invited the kids in for a tour!
 They got to put on fire fighter jackets, sit at the wheel of the fire truck, and learn about fire safety.
  Then we played at the park before heading out to ice-cream.  We rounded the evening out with sleepovers since they had Presidents day off!  We squeezed every minute out of our day, just the way we like it.

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