This last year Hailey has become a fan of three TV series.  The first and foremost being Supernatural.  She and her best friend Jess are HUGE fans.  For Christmas Hailey got Sam and Dean (main characters) cardboard cutouts.  This is the only boyfriend she is allowed to have.  I am fine with them watching a movie on the couch in the dark and under the blankets! :)
 Supernatural has been going on for 10 years!  I had never even heard of it.  But it has quite the cult following.  It is a show about two brothers that hunt and destroy evil supernatural demons.  They have Supernatural conventions around the nation.  Part of Hailey's Christmas, birthday and every other present of the year was tickets to the convention that came to Phoenix in February.
 She drew portraits of Sam and Dean to give them when they had their photo shoot.  This is strictly prohibited, but she wanted to try and sneak it to them anyway!
 The brothers drive a black Impala.  This is now Hailey's dream car.
 Hailey is normally pretty level and steady, however the whole day she was so excited and giggly.  Both of the girls were beside themselves!  It was like a Beatles concert.  There were girls crying and hyperventilating all over the place.  I love to tease Hailey that she is crushing on middle age men her Dad's age that are married with children.  But she quickly reminds me she is in love with he characters not the actors.
While it was all very exciting an all, Jess's mom and I decided to excuse ourselves for a little orange juice mid day.
 I could not believe how many people were packing the hotel ballroom to just see the actors answer questions from the audience.  I was even more surprised how much money people were willing to spend.  The Gold level with the best seats were $1000 for the day!  This is Supernatural people not Superbowl!  I encouraged Hailey and Jess to go sit up their until someone told them couldn't.  They were so cute.  They managed to be GOLD level for the first 20 minutes before someone noticed they didn't have the GOLD badge.
Double trouble.
The highlight of the day was when they had their 2 second photo shoot with the boys!  You can see Hailey's folder in her hand with the illegal portraits.  She handed it to him as she left and he opened it and he had quite the look of surprise to see a portrait of himself.  Hailey is overjoyed knowing her celebrity crush has some of her artwork!
It was a fun day with girls and watching my girl be such a teen.  It was almost supernatural.

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