Four Peaks

 On Good Friday we set out to conquer Four Peaks!
 To get to the base of the trail you have to take a 20 mile dirt road, which was a perfect start to  our adventure.
Max rode his motorcycle while I drove the Jeep and Nana and Pops drove the truck.
 At our lunch stop Hank and Kaitlin took a little ride on the motorcycle.
They didn't like it much. :)  They liked it about as much as I like driving the Jeep!
 Since it is a slow drive, the kids big and small rode in the back of the truck.
Once we reached the base we had about a 2.5 mile hike up to the saddle before heading up the final scree chute.  It turned out to be a bit long of a hike for our troopers but they hung in there.
The views were beautiful and it was amazing to us that in less than an hour we can go from desert to forest with pine trees and wild flowers.  
We could see the forest starting to recover from the Lone Pine Fire of 1996.
We saw a few Pai Striped Whiptails which have only been found in northern Arizona at elevations from 4,500 to 7,600.  Hailey also found a dead tarantula!  What a wild place we live in.

Nana and the kids stayed on the saddle while Pops, Max, and I scaled up the challenging chute.
It was crazy steep!
It was by far the most technical climb we have done.  It is rated as ropes optional...  There were some parts that I wouldn't have minded a rope.  That makes 7 out 12 peaks done!
 Brown's Peak is the highest of the four peaks and is 7,657 feet.  Ropes are needed to climb the other 3 peaks.  We could see both Roosevelt and Saguaro lakes.  You can see 1/4th of Arizona from the top!  It was stunning.
The most wonderful thing happened at the top.  We had seen only 10 people as we hiked, with 4 men passing us earlier on our hike up and then 6 people coming down.  When we rounded the top, the men were sitting and listening to one of them read the account of Jesus' crucifixion.  We were able to join in and listen.  It was a very spiritual moment listening to the gentle cadence of the man's voice read about our Lord's death as we were perched so near the heavens.  It was an amazing Good Friday filled with adventure, family, fun and blessings of safety and God's word.

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