Happy 7th Birthday Hank!

Happy 7th Birthday Hank!
 You are all boy, and boy do I love you!  If there is a ball anywhere in sight you are bouncing it, throwing it, or kicking it.  You like to make a competition out of everything, and don't like to lose.  Your favorite things to play are Minecraft and to build Legos.  However, you don't follow the directions, your are a "master builder" and build your own creations.  You have a great imagination and are always making things out of paper, rather it is a DS, and gun, folders, wallets, or iPhones.  We wonder if you might be an engineer or architect when you grow up.  I love to see what you build, but am going to have to take out stock in tape and copy paper.
 I am not sure if boys can get any better than a 7 year old sweetheart like you.  You are a loving little man.  Your teacher adores you and gets choked up talking about you leaving her in a month.  It seems you can make friends with anyone and we teasingly call you frat boy because you have a comedic timing and are able to rile up a crowd in no time.  You have a tender heart and that smile melts your mama.  Not to mention your bear hugs.
You love to plant a big smooch on me when Daddy is around and then see if he wants to "fight" for his girl.  :)  This usually leads to a big rumble and wrestling match.  So I am just a pawn, but I will take those smooches anytime.  We are so grateful God gave us you and that you fought through your rough start.  I just have one request...  Don't grow up anymore, stay my sweet, little, seven year old mama's boy forever.

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Courtney said...

What a sweet post! These boys sure do have us wrapped around our finger! Happy Birthday sweet guy!