How Hank Spent His 7th Birthday!

With Hank's birthday being on a Saturday, it became a bit of a two day celebration!  On Friday he was celebrated at school and got to bring Rice Crispy treats to share with his classmates.  He certainly doesn't mind the extra attention, especially from his favorite non family lady.  He has has a love of school and has learned so much because of her.
 He woke up Saturday morning dancing around with his fingers pointed to the sky singing, "Today's the Day!  Today's the Day!"   Aww, the days when you were that excited for your birthday.
He was so excited that it added to the celebratory feeling of the day.  His enthusiasm was contagious.
 For his birthday menu, he wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and a subway turkey and cheese sandwich, chocolate milk, and Doritos for lunch.
 Hank had a baseball game in the morning and had the game of the season.  Little man was on fire.  He had 3 at bats with 3 base hits and 3 scores.  He also tagged someone out at first base and got to be the catcher!
The team sang him "Happy Birthday" and coach gave him the team ball.  Each game he hands out a team ball to the a player that either had great sportsmanship or a great game.  Hank was so excited!
 Papa was pretty proud too.
Before heading off to Kaitlin and Karlie's double header volleyball match, we had a little time to take a dip in the pool.
 One hour of relaxation!
After the game we went to our favorite BBQ restaurant because Hank wanted "Joey's Ribs!" They had a DJ and prize drawings for the grand opening, which only added to the party atmosphere.  Karlie won a gift certificate and the DJ had the entire restaurant sing "Happy Birthday" to Hank!
 We brought his requested eggless chocolate ganache cake with sprinkles.
Then he finished off his day opening presents where he got his much wanted fitbit!  Now he can be fit just like Daddy and his sisters.
  Such a blessed boy.  He will be hard pressed to have a birthday filled with so many people celebrating him and having all his wishes come true.   Must be that lucky #7!  :)

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