Kaitlin's Golden Birthday Party

To celebrate Kaitlin's golden birthday, we had a gold theme.
  However, pink is still so much her favorite color that we had to make it a pink and gold party.
For our snack we had pink and gold food.  They have just come out with a Princess Goldfish that is pink, so pink and gold Goldfish worked great.  The best I could come up with for pink and gold fruit was strawberries, watermelon, pink lady apples, golden delicious apples and golden pineapple.  We found coconut covered marshmallows that look gold and had pink strawberry marshmallows.
Pink and Gold Oreos. :)
Pink lemonade and Hersey's gold bars.  Like at a baby shower where you can't say baby, everyone wore a necklace and would take the necklace from anyone who said gold.  The winner won a gold dollar coin.
The first game was a color themed scavenger hunt.  Kaitlin and her buddies were team pink and Hank and Karlie and their buddies were team Gold.
 They had to collect 9 items around the house and in the backyard that were their team color.  Like pink and gold pairs of earrings.
 They loved racing all over the house finding items.
 Kaitlin's team completed the hunt first!
 The boys were so cute trying to find the golden egg.
 Pass the present was such a success at Karlie's birthday that we had to repeat it for Kaitlin's.
 Everyone got a gold dollar coin.
 Max made a golden K for the piñata.
 They absolutely love whacking the piñata!
Even Hailey wanted to take a swing.  I spun them around however many years old they were.  She was pretty dizzy and fun to watch.
 Everyone made it through without breaking it open so round two was without the bandanna on.
Finally it got cracked so much we had to shake it all out.  Of course it was filled with pink and gold candies.
 Kaitlin wanted a rose frosting cake with an ombre design, which are two things I have never done before.
 It turned out ok, but I will have to give roses another go.  I used Wilton's food color spray to make the ombre effect.  It worked well and I will definitely play with it again.
 I hope all your wishes come true golden girl!
 Kaitlin also thought a surprise inside like Karlie's shamrock would be fun.  So I put pink M & Ms and gold covered eggs in the center and made the cake pink zebra!  
 The kids were so excited about the inside treat!
 In the goodie bags were Gold-Bear gummy bears, chocolate gold coins and a million bucks chocolate bar! She had a thank you note in it that said, "Some friends are like gold and some birthdays are too!  Thank you for making my party golden." 
 It was a special party for a special girl.

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Courtney said...

Are you kidding me? That cake is amazing! You are so crafty :) What a fun party! Happy Birthday Kaitlin!