Pops and Nana's Visit

Pops and Nana visited us for Easter and Kaitlin's Birthday.  Kaitlin requested they come for her birthday one year, and she got her wish!
 We really gave them a run for their money over the 3 days they were here.
There was little time to relax, but we did manage to soak it up one night and do some star gazing.
We had 3 days of eating like kings.
On Friday we spent the day off roading, motorcycling, and climbing Four Peaks!
What a fun but busy day!  I will be doing a whole post on it next.
 On Saturday they got to be a part of the birthday party madness.  Kaitlin was so happy to have them there for her party and Max and I were grateful to have two more pairs of hands!
After the party Hank and Pops had a Nerf gun war.  Everyone took cover.
Decorating eggs by the pool is the way to go.
Easter morning was full of sweet surprises and egg hunts.  Kaitlin found the coveted Golden Egg, which was fitting since it was her golden birthday.
We put on our Sunday best for church and then got to celebrate the resurrection with lamb chops and this precious lamb cake.
It was so great to have family around to celebrate Kaitlin's birthday and Easter.  Hopefully we can treat Pops and Nana to a little more relaxing time the next time they visit!

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