Raise 'Em Up

Tonight I will raise 'em up!  I feel very blessed to have a birthday surrounded by people I love so much.  They are my world and I love celebrating life with them.
Music is an integral part of four family.  We might not watch TV but we listen to a lot of music.  Songs marry our memories to good times, special moments, and chapters in our life.  This song,  Raise 'Em Up, sums up this chapter in our life right now.  Max even had a colleague that asked him if he had heard it because the song reminded him of our family.  :)  I especially love the last verse about raising kids.

Raise 'em up trophy high
Raise 'em up to the sky
Raise 'em up, show everybody that newborn smile
Raise 'em up tall and strong
Raise 'em up right from wrong
Raise 'em up so damn high they can hear God singing along

You know I like to celebrate and "its just whisky glass if you ain't making' a toast!"  So raise 'em up!

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Courtney said...

Love this! And I love the first photo with all hands in!